Portraits. There are so many types; all of which are a form of connection between the photographer and the subject. It’s a definite challenge to try to ‘capture’ the person with one shot.

It was Richard Avedon who said: “Faces are the ledgers of our experiences”. A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed, and what he does with this knowledge is as much a part of the photograph as what he’s wearing or how he looks”.

With this selection of images I have concentrated on exactly that…the face of the subject, hoping to capture something essential. In keeping to a classic black and white style there are no distractions from props or background. The idea being to relax and engage my subject enough for them to reveal themselves…or at least something essential about themselves.

It is, of course, an ongoing project, the style of which is deliberately simple. Influences of ethos and style come from many sources but I love the way 19th century photographer Nadar worked with the equipment available at the time and got the results he did. His personality helped. Look him up if you’re not familiar with him.

Other influences come from Richard Avedon, David Bailey and Chuck Close to name a few. It was the latter who said: “A face is a road map of someone’s life. Without any need to amplify that or draw attention to it, there’s a great deal that’s communicated about who this person is and what their life experiences have been.”

Getting to know a little more about these wonderful artists and their methods of work reveals more about their whole process. Besides their skill and vision they all managed to use their personality to create their own styles and obtain the most amazing results. It’s not a bad bunch to try to emulate.

There are many more still to upload here and of course many more faces to experience and reveal.